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kindle fire hd 6

Amazon responded with its cheap Kindle Fire HD 6

Amazon is expected to launch its cheap tablet after Apple debut of the iPhone 6. Now it's got to be lit of fire in the technology when Amazon formally announced the cheap Kindle Fire HD 6 tablet as answer to the fast leap technology in our generation. It was a … Read Full Article

iphone movie

The iPhone 6 a threat to film makers

When iPhone 6 came into spotlight, many are wondering the introduction of more advance camera settings and displays of high-definition clips with video stabilization will makes traditional film makers push into the borders. The coming of advance technology in … Read Full Article

iphone 7

iPhone 7 in the near future?

Peoples are excited for the release of iPhone 7 as one blog says and it will happen in later in 2014 or earlier in 2015. The official announcement recently of Apple launching of iPhone 6 has been filling-up the media world, lots of frenzy and speculations, … Read Full Article


The downside of wearable technology

The Apple has spoken about the iWatch, then the revolutionary technology started to invade the traditional watches in the near future that companies are afraid to talk about. The Swiss watchmakers might end up nervously as people began embracing the … Read Full Article

android and iphone

Android braces for war with the latest iPhone 6

Technology is on the verge of another war between Android and the latest Apple handset the iPhone 6. When iPhone 6 officially introduced the other day, it seems Android pose for another step how to deal with the new iPhone. Their war focus for another game … Read Full Article

iphone 6

To choose iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus

The smartphone era starts crumbling after the official announcement of Apple new handsets the iPhone 6 with the other double stint the iPhone 6 Plus where peoples are bind enough to choose which is which. The presence of two latest iPhone gadgets will … Read Full Article

iphone 6

iPhone 6 is here!

iPhone 6 is here! Apple officially announced the most awaited smartphone in the planet iPhone 6, plus the incoming trend iWatch. Before the announcement, the media world grinds with lots of speculation and excitement of the new iPhone looks and features from … Read Full Article